Thanks Deborah for publishing this response.  It would seem more appropriate
to refer to doctor evidence as consultation. The doctor is reviewing
evidence and information and suggesting a course of action. I think this
would come under the rubric of practicing medicine.   This would differ
greatly from simply providing information.

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Hi All, I e-mailed George Lewis, the NBC reporter who did the story on
Medical Research Companies. Here is his response:

"I'm the reporter who did the story about for-pay medical research services.
I agree with you that we gave short shrift to the medical libraries that
provide this information free of charge.  We're thinking about revisiting
the topic and focusing on them.

What the research firm "Doctor Evidence" says it does for a fee is uses
medical librarians as researchers to pull relevant articles and then a
physician evaluates the research to determine what are the latest and most
reliable studies covering patients' medical problems.  The doctor who runs
the service consults with patients before the company does the search and
later advises the patient on what the research suggests is the best course
of action.

That latter analysis is, I believe, what separates the paid services from
the free information that's available.  We should have made that clearer in
our reporting, and will try to rectify the error in the future.

Yours very truly,

George Lewis
NBC News Burbank"

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