The gist of the broadcast was about a company(commercial) set up by a
doctor to provide information to patients and other medical personnel.
It cost the person in the story $200 or more to get information she
could have gotten from a medical library at no cost(usually) or far less
cost than the $200.

Tom Williams

Lora L. Thompson wrote:

>I actually saw this story was very
>disturbing and made it look like a patient or family
>member has to pay big bucks for information.  Nothing
>was mentioned about free electronic resources.
>Nothing was mentioned about free medical library
>resources.  It sounded like all medical information
>was locked down and only available to those with
>special access.  I was very upset that NBC would
>essentially do an infomercial for this company.
>MLA - please respond!
>--- Vislava Tylman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>"Second opinion"? without seeing the patient,
>>x-rays, etc?
>>I think we call this "patient information"
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