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I serve on our hospital's Employee Giving Committee ... Basically, we
solicit cash donations from employees either through weekly payroll
deduction or a one-time gift, and we use that money in several ways.  We
provide some scholarships for employees or their dependents, sponsor an
employee picnic, help employees financially if they hit hard times,
things like this.  Another thing that the Employee Giving Committee pays
for, along with the Hospital Guild, is free TV and movie channels for
our patients.  

We've had a request from the Nurse Manager on the Telemetry Unit for
monies to pay for ear plugs for patients when they complain about the
noise from the telemetry monitors.  Now, while we understand where the
request is coming from, we think that handing a pair of ear plugs to a
patient who is complaining about noise is rather gauche.  We were
thinking instead of providing music in some fashion to those who
complain.  But for every idea we come up with, we can find 40 reasons
why we shouldn't do it.  For instance: we were thinking of giving a
walkman with a CD in it.  Well, first off, the earphone covers need to
be changed between patients, there is a battery issue, and we probably
should clamp the walkman closed so the CD doesn't disappear.  But if we
clamp the walkman closed, then we need to have a million of them to
accommodate different patient's musical tastes.  You get the picture

We then thought we had the perfect solution: for our movie channels,
we're switching over from a VCR system to a DirecTV system.  We checked
into how much that would cost.  $25 per month for 30 channels of music.
No problem.  But there is an initial outlay of $12,000 for 30 little
satellite dishes for the roof of the for each channel.
Another brilliant idea bites the dust.

So.  The purpose of this diatribe is to find out what other hospitals
are doing about the noise problem on the floors.  If a particular
patient complains, do you have some program in place to quiet the noise,
or block it out for the patient, or otherwise occupy the patient's mind
so the constant beeping of the Telemetry machines doesn't force a psych

Any and all suggestions welcome, and if there is interest, naturally
I'll summarize.

Thank you!

Robert T. Mackes, MLS
Medical Librarian
Schering-Plough Library of Science & Medicine
Union Hospital
1000 Galloping Hill Road (MS#48)
Union, NJ 07083-7951

V: 908-851-7234
F: 908-851-5850
E: rmackes <at>

"Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out
of ten people couldn't start a conversation."
-- Kin Hubbard

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