I have always marveled at some of the effort that people go to to create personal bests or go one up on themselves or someone else's efforts. Even I have my own little quirky things that are insignificant to others but a big deal to me that I try to accomplish for my own little record book.

 People may make journeys to certain places for 50 consecutive years or ski 100 consecutive days or one day per month at least for a year or more or something like this.  Then there may be someone who climbs and skis the tallest mountains on all the continents or all the 14 k plus peaks in Colorado etc.  From the Associated Press here is one that skiers and sliders will have a hard time breaking.

Dale Webster went surfing on the last leap year that fell on a Sunday.  He then decided to surf every day until leap year fell on the next Sunday.  Thats 28 years---February 29, 1976 to Feb 29, 2004.  That's every day. 10407 consecutive days.  He is now 55 years old and decided to take a day off on Monday.  I remember the year I got 50 ski days in and I thought that was a big deal.  I also remember 60 consecutive Monday thru Fridays when I was in school.  I can't imagine taking at least one ski run every day for 10407 consecutive days.  Mind boggling!!      Jimski

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