>Every year as the season matures, I finally get my ski mojo going and
>start thinking about doing Centerline or Hayride or upper Nosedive
>(single blacks) to make it more interesting.  Then snow conditions get
>beyond my ability (bumps or whatever).  Sigh.  Hubby almost got me on
>Hayride a few weeks ago (from North Slope entrance).  I've skied blacks
>at other ski areas, but Stowe's blacks often intimidate me.  Some of
>the little woods detours are less so.  Sometimes they tease me.  Stowe
>is FULL of teasers no matter what your ability is.

  So true.  Everytime I go to Stowe now I look up at the summit and want to hike
  up there and ski down.  Part of me is drooling, and part of me is saying "oh

  That said, the big thing I always have problem with when looking to ski
  that's harder then I'm usually use to is what's happening up in my head.  Too
  I'll freak myself out before the run, only to find that it was well within my
  (although there's plenty at Stowe that's still way beyond my grasp!).

  The other thing to keep in mind when looking to ski something harder, is snow
  conditions.  Often times the "somewhat" difficult "off piste" runs at Stowe
have real good
  snow on them, making them actually more skiable then trying to ice skate down
  Hayride or Centerline.

>Certainly there is no disgrace to skiing trails.  Stowe has some of my
>all-time favorites (Perry Merrill, Top to bottom Lord, Sterling, Cliff
>Trail, lower Nosedive and some of the au natural obscure blues off of
>Little Spruce.   I ski them all over and over because I love them.
>I hope this sets the record straight.
>So, what's everyone else's Favorite Trails?

too many to list them all, but I am partial to Chapel woods and the Nosedive
Bypass/Glades area.


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