Later this week there should be a pretty significant storm system
affecting most of the eastern half of the country.  This was looking
pretty good a few days ago when it was tracking to the east.  Now it looks
like it will go west.  This means we could have some significant niar at
the end of this week, as well as very warm temps.  Not a good combo.  Snow
usually isn't all that affected if it pours but is in the mid 30's.  When
the temp spikes to the 50's along with heavy rain (1+ inches) we could see
some significant snowmelt...on top of what's happened in the past few
days.  I can literally see the snow disappearing here in Burlington; there
are rivers running down the paved areas.

Not looking good.  Not sure what to say here except that every chance of
snow keeps going down the drain.


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