At 02:40 PM 3/4/04, Dave Mann wrote:

>I doubt that real numbers exist (Skip can you chime in
>here?) but I would have to think that, in general,
>skier density on trails has gone up, even with the
>expansion of trails (less important) and snowmaking
>(more important, I suspect).

Mmmmm... dunno of any data out there on this one - at least, noneto which I
can lay a hand.  I can tell you that in an early season mode, with terrain
limited, there is probably a correlation - fr'example, most mountains will
only have one or two trails served by each operating lift, wheras midwinter
there's generally more from which to choose.  If those early-season lifts
are going up full, the density on a given trail will almost certainly be

There's another element here, though... skier behavior.  Just as on
highways, skiers tend to travel in waves.  Don't take my word for it - look
for yourself.  Just stop by the side of a trail and watch for 10 or 15
minutes.  Waves come, waves go, and in between 'em is typically a trail
with damn few people close to you.

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