Me and my buddy Rick arrived at Stowe Wednesday night hoping the bare spots
in the village would not be indicative of the skiing.  Well we would soon find

Hoping to give Rick a tour of some favorite haunts along with doing some
too we headed to Smuggs on Thursday.  Surprisingly this was only me second time
We rode the double to the top and were shocked at the lack of snow.  Just about
the entire
top of the mountain was closed due to, shall I say, terrible conditions, so
after one run
down blue squares we headed over to the Sterling lift.  Well, things weren't too
much better there but we made the most of what there was.  We skied rock hard
bumps on the
trails and rock hard bumps and ruts in the trees.  We found a lovely little
off to skiers right that actually had some soft snow in it and followed it down
'till the
water started showing through a lot and climbed out.  All in all, we had a great
regardless of the conditions, but Smuggs is in real need of a "lot of snow".

Friday we hit Stowe and found that the snow had held up much better then over at
But like Smuggs, much of the top part of the mountain was frozen solid.  But
still we ventured
off trail wherever we could, just avoiding anything too steep.  We skied in the
fog and we
skied in the rain (which actually softened things up a bit lower on the
mountain), and again
made the best of it and had some fun.  But that rain started coming down real
hard in the afternoon
and we finally bailed and headed back to the hotel.

We figured that we were probably lucky to ski as much as we had considering the
conditions, but also
figured things were probably going to get even worse then they were and made the
decision to cut our
trip short and head back home.  So it looks like I'm definitely out for this
Sunday at Stowe.

If over the next week or two the snow gods feel pity for us and decide to
replenish the
white stufff on our beloved mountains, I'm up for a get together either the
weekend of the
13th/14th or the 20th/21st, if anyone else is.  I won't be able to stay up there
but have no problem
making the 3 1/2 hour drive in the am from my house in CT for a phine day of
skiing with some
fellow plaid.  Anyone else feels the same?


p.s. Looking up at the summit of Madonna Mt. at Smuggs from the Sterling lift
was pretty imprssive.
SOme of those runs such as Robbins Run (?), looked real steep and craggy.
Probably some of the
toughest legitimate trails I've ever seen.  I'd also guess from looking at the
vast terrain between
Modanna Mt and Sterling Mt that there's a tremendous amount of off piste skiing

>Turns will definitely be made this weekend.  For me it's a question of
>whether or not it's going to be worth spending $$ on Stowe to turn on
>crap, or ski for free at Smuggs and turn on crap.
>Personally, I'm willing to make that call on Sat. night, after checking
>out the conditions.
>On 3/4/2004 2:42 PM, Scott Braaten wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Mar 2004 13:45:06 -0500, Richard C Ramsden <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
>>The weather definitely looks unfavorable.
>>Not worth a 420 mile drive.

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