I'll through my 2 cents in.   And this is just a business.

We live in a country that has for the past 20 to 30 years been steadily
losing all it's industry.  Be it overseas or just gone completely.  We are steadily
losing the US OWNED industry.  The Northeast (especially NEW ENGLAND) was at
one point the manufacturing/industrial leader of the country if not the world
at one time.  What major new industry has come into the New England Market,
not much if any, most are leaving for the South, Way South (Mexico), or China
(the PRC, mainland COMMUNIST China), etc.  For New industry New England is
considered HOSTILE, Vermont Laughable.

That being said...   What is Vermont's prime industry?  Anyone, Anyone   Yep,
You guessed it TOURISM.  Now, yes Act 60, Act 68 is a great Idea, but in
essence it huts the one industry that brings many DOLLARS to the State, and jobs.
Yes, there are a lot of people with second homes in the ski towns, but
without them, could the ski industry survive???  The Ski Industry, especially the
Ski resorts are a large source of income for the state and towns.  But, it is an
industry that is very level (flat), or losing market share.  Now, most people
who say that they ski, ski once/twice a year, or have skied once/twice in the
last 5 to 10 years (yes, snowboarding/shape skis helped).  Now look at it
this way, you increase the taxes in the ski towns in VT, the home owners sell, go
to NY, NH, Maine, the Ski town dies a slow death.  But, look at the bigger
picture, if the casual skier (once twice a year) goes SOME WHERE Else for that
ski trip, does that help or hurt the industry.  This is a big problem, so you
raise taxes, some one who could afford a home in a ski town, has grown children
having children of their own, they don't use the house for a while, are the
Parents, who may be retired going to keep the home???  or sell it because the
taxes are high, maybe the kids will take theirs up to the house once a year,
but they can always rent, etc...

What I guess I'm saying is maybe What the town council is trying to do is
just show how unfair the tax laws are, This also happens in areas that have
colleges in VT.  With no industry coming in/ no new jobs, Does Vermont become a
third world economy, or then does the federal government have to bail the state

Just my thoughts, and I'm rambling.

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