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>  How about we say the "tour" starts at 9:00 sharp?
>  Meeting place should be the tree at the base of the quad.

We're still on.  Let all those who claim this has been a lousy snow year stay home.  I'm betting Stowe hasn't melted out yet.  The upper mountain should still have plenty of coverage.  Quality may be a little iffy, but who knows?  Sometimes, strange things happen and everything works out great.  Plan on bringing something to ride / ski on that can handle ice at the top of the mountain and slush at the bottom, with rotten snow inbetween, and you'll be all set  :)

So far, the stowe snow report only shows portions of the front four being closed - and they never hold any snow...  upper Goat looks about the same in November as it does in mid winter after a storm.

You'll regret it if you back out...

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