Can't say I skied there today, but did take a ride up to "look" esp.
since they were having the Skiercross competition over on Spruce.
While most of Spruce looked more like April than early March, over on
West Slope/Slalom HIll where they have tons of manmade, the skiercross
course looked surprisingly good.  I was there during a lunch break lull
so didn't see the action.  The lot at Spruce was pretty full.

Mansfield and Gondi blues looked like they survived quite well indeed,
even down low.  There were plenty of people skiing Gondi side and
Mansfield side and the lots looked pretty full, so it couldn't have
been TOO bad up there.  The front four didn't look too healthy.  What I
could see of Nosedive looked good.  Hayride had some thin spots on one
side but from distance appeared okay.  I was actually expecting worse
and was pleasantly surprized.

  The sun was even out by noon.  The village in cloud and mountain in
sun - now that's a switch.  The village and most of mountain road are
indeed in spring meltdown ugly mode, but the mountain itself seemed to
be hanging in there, if  looking a few weeks older in spots.

   Wes said it best, Quantity - yes.  Quality ??? Probably not.  Better
than total wipeout though.
  Some skiing still to be had, just not quality.  A disappointment for
so soon in season.  Just have to see what comes of March and April?

Those headed West for a visit sure had good timing.  No West for me :^(.



On Saturday, Mar 6, 2004, at 12:31 America/Montreal, Henry Barboza

> Friday we hit Stowe and found that the snow had held up much better
> then over at
> Smuggs.
> But like Smuggs, much of the top part of the mountain was frozen
> solid.  But
> still we ventured
> off trail wherever we could, just avoiding anything too steep.  We
> skied in the
> fog and we
> skied in the rain (which actually softened things up a bit lower on the
> mountain), and again
> made the best of it and had some fun.  But that rain started coming
> down real
> hard in the afternoon
> and we finally bailed and headed back to the hotel.
> We figured that we were probably lucky to ski as much as we had
> considering the
> conditions, but also
> figured things were probably going to get even worse then they were
> and made the
> decision to cut our
> trip short and head back home.  So it looks like I'm definitely out
> for this
> Sunday at Stowe.

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