Dalia wrote in her recent posting "My opinion is that most JCAHO surveyors
were never Library users, be it the Administrator, the Nurse or the
physician.  Have you ever tried to figure out the number of these same
groups in the Hospital, and how many of them NEVER use the library?   It is
going to get worse , I am afraid, since one does not have to go to a Library
in order to gather abstracts, or even occasional full text.  It is only
Researchers, writers/authors, and those applying for grant that need
information. "  I must differ with Dalia on this.

While I don't know any of the JCAHO surveyors and so don't know if they are
library users or not, I did have the physician surveyor 2 surverys ago who
somehow had a few extra minutes between appointments.  He specifically asked
to go to the library where he gathered a couple of journals up and sat down
to read them for a while.  It was actually kind of funny since his "handler"
didn't want to leave him alone in case he decided to wander unattended but
didn't want to seem to hover.  I was  on JCAHO surveyor watch duty to
quickly let them know when the physician surveyor seemed to be leaving,
quickly call for the "handler" and engage the surveyor in conversation until
the handler arrived.  So at least one of the surveyors felt happy and
comfortable in going to the library to browse through the latest literature.

On another more serious point, I also disagree that only researchers etc.
use the library.  (In fact knowing Dalia's library and how busy it is, I'm
sure she gets plenty of other customers!)  I'm used heavily by my nursing
staff to research treatments, develop practice guidelines, check on patient
care, (and that is discounting those who are taking courses).  I get calls
all the time from dieticians on staff, had one this afternoon from a speech
therapist with a question and one from a pharmacist.  My phone rings
regularly from docs with all kinds of questions related to patient care.  I
also had several members of the public call and a number of visits from
patient family members this afternoon.  All in all a much too busy day today
but very typical.

But, some of the other people who posted comments were also right.  You have
to build your customers over time.  You become important to them through
good service and doing the extra bit to help them.  I keep my eye out for
articles I know some people are always interested in and let them know I saw
something recently.  They then begin to think of me as part of their
team--looking out for them and concerned that they keep up on the latest
research.  They appreciate that no end and have been big library supporters
and boosters.

BUT, we all have bean counters on our Administration staff and have probably
all seen really good services cut because reimbursements have gotten tight.
We NEED JCAHO behind the idea that library services are NECESSARY and not a
frill to be cut when times get tight.  I think we need to build our case
with research articles, examples of projects where we DIRECTLY aid in the
quality of patient care, where we prevent bad treatments.  I'm sure many of
us can cite examples of when we KNOW we've changed patient care for the
better.  Now we need to let others know this also.  My 2 cents only.   Joy
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