Aaarrggh.  I hate these.

At the 2003 ASTRO meeting, there was supposedly a presentation on using
chemotherapy and radiation therapy in combination for salvage therapy in
recurrent prostate cancer.  This is ALL the info I have.   The doc does NOT
want hormonal or androgen suppression therapy, just plain old chemo, and
he's "hoping" it may be taxotere.  ASTRO seems to have removed their 2003
abstracts from their website, but they are published in a print supplement
to the International J of Radiation Biol & Physics, which I don't have.

If anyone has a spare moment (HA!) for a quick looksee, and happens on
something useful, I'd be grateful.  I've Googled till my eyeballs are
spinning,  gone through the conference coverage in Medscape, DocGuide, et
al., and am just not getting anywhere.  Don't spend much time on this, but
if someone gets lucky...  :-)  Thanks so much -- have a good weekend, all!

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