Thank you to all who responded to my query for an electronic database that
provides the same information as the Medical Malpractice Verdicts,
Settlements & Experts Index published by Lewis A. Laska. Short answer is,
there isn't an electronic database that indexes specifically medical
malpractice cases. A local law librarian also posted my question on Law-Lib,
but no one there could think of anything this specific either. Someone did
share that Laska published a yearly index, which we were unaware of, but so
far, there is no electronic resource that provides the specific information
that Laska produces in print.

Librarians on both lists did suggest a few of general verdict databases that
cover all types of cases, not just medical. I've listed the comments from
librarians below.

Thank you for your assistance.


I don't know if this is much help but there is a website,,
that has an online searchable database.  The verdicts don't seem to be
restricted to medical and unfortunately, they don't have their subscription
cost on the site so you'd have to call them.  But perhaps that's a start,
and I imagine there are other websites like that one.

The National Practitioner's database might help you, if your institution has
access to it AND if your Risk Management Department's use falls within the
guidelines for it's use.  Also, for cases tat go to a jury verdict, Lexis or
Westlaw might be of interest.

I've run in to this issue with publications.  If the publisher is not trying
to sell an electronic service, see if you can renegotiate with them to allow
you to scan and OCR the newsletters into a searchable database. Usually they
will do this if you promise not to redistribute the material beyond your
desktop or a single workstation in your library.
Also, your request may give them the impetus to improve their product. Best
of Luck.

I am a medical librarian for a medical malpractice law firm.  First of all
with the Lewis Laska product if you purchase the end of the year index &
directory of experts, that will help, and for a case by case basis they will
for a fee run a search.
Lexis and Westlaw (although Lexis is better) both carry jury verdicts and
they are full text searchable.
American Lawyer also has a web database that costs a little above $1000 per
year for a password . It seems to be getting better,
and actually has contained some cases that were not on Lexis or Westlaw.
JRV which I have always found to be the worst service, and is on Westlaw I
think may have a web product also, I know they used to have a CD-ROM.

This last message is from a VerdictSearch sales rep who apparently is a
member of Law-Lib. I've included his name if anyone wants to contact him for
additional information. I can also forward the attachment he sent to me to
anyone who asks. -V

I am writing to provide some information about VerdictSearch.  The attached
document will describe the online database containing reports on Medical
Malpractice verdicts and settlements.   We have a monthly print reporter as
Please consider this e-mail an invitation for a free online trial or a free
print sample.  Call me anytime and I will take you on a tour of the site
while we conduct live research.  Then if interested in learning more I'll
set up the free trial period.  All researchers may share the User Name with
one person accessing at a time.
I believe we have exactly what you are looking for.

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