I agree wholeheartedly with Diane's remarks.  

Thanks for adding this important aspect of our efforts.  I know that when staff time is limited, it is sometimes hard to do the outreach that will pay off, so each librarian must try to select the best approach.  In our hospital, patient safety is "job one," so we have a natural focus that includes clinical and nonclinical staff.

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First, I want to thank Margaret Bandy for her thoughtful comments and explanation of the work of the MLA Liaison to the JCAHO.

I do want to add something to her posting.  Margaret said:

"Unfortunately, I don't think we can hope that MLA, NLM, JCAHO, RRC, ACGME, ACCME, or any other group, can save hospital libraries.  Only we can do that with the support of our primary constituents: physicians, risk managers, safety officers, quality managers, and other clinical staff."

For over ten years, hospital library leaders like Rya Ben-Shir have said that we must serve the business side of our hospitals.  I truly believe that at Christiana Care, our primary library constituents include the CEO, the vice-presidents, and other business managers.  We look for opportunities to partner with our business people.  We've probably had the most success with the Human Relations staff, helping them develop programs and teach classes for managers and secretaries.  Our current endeavor is to support the continuing education of our physician-leaders in administration topics.

I don't know if that will save our libraries, but it can't hurt!


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