--- John Atkinson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> If that means I've got a funky attitude, so be it.

The funky comment was mine, so I guess I should say something.  In
regards to your encroaching post, it does seem to me that all glade
cutters should be emotionally prepared for someone else to find
their stash.  But you were having a bad day when you wrote
that passion-filled piece, right?

But beyond that, the numerous lexicon terms for unskilled non-local
skier (touron, spore, gomer, joey, blah, blah) would lead one to
believe that "locals" were born in the Mad River Valley and knew
how to ski when they popped out of the womb.  The more likely
reality is that they are from New Jersey and have wealthy parents
who don't mind paying for the Univ. of Vermont, even though the
academic reputation is only OK.  Sounds like classic nimbyism to me.

There you go, my two cents.


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