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>--- John Atkinson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> If that means I've got a funky attitude, so be it.
>The funky comment was mine, so I guess I should say something.  In
>regards to your encroaching post, it does seem to me that all glade
>cutters should be emotionally prepared for someone else to find
>their stash.  But you were having a bad day when you wrote
>that passion-filled piece, right?

Nope, not a bad day here. I was repeating a comment from a friend who was
disturbed at the exceedingly poor form being practiced in regards to random
entrance chopping and marking woods shots. Sharing is a fact of life in our
woods and I don't begrudge anyone their 'share'. Not sure how you
got 'passion-filled' out of it, but it was more about laughing than it was
about crying.

>But beyond that, the numerous lexicon terms for unskilled non-local
>skier (touron, spore, gomer, joey, blah, blah) would lead one to
>believe that "locals" were born in the Mad River Valley and knew
>how to ski when they popped out of the womb.  The more likely
>reality is that they are from New Jersey and have wealthy parents
>who don't mind paying for the Univ. of Vermont, even though the
>academic reputation is only OK.  Sounds like classic nimbyism to me.

I didn't add any of those terms and refuse to use them. As an instructor,
rental guy, retailer and energetic promoter of skiing and riding,
especially the off-piste variety, I try never to put less knowledgeable
people down. That would be shooting myself and the industry in the foot,
no? BTW, encroachers are not less knowledgeable, you can't teach them
anything they don't already KNOW. I've tried.

I routinely share my hard-earned knowledge of where to go and what to do,
both in one-on-one situations and in print. Did you read my piece on Hell
Brook this month in VST? Or last month's article in the Valley Reporter on
what to carry in the backcountry to ensure you come home safe and alive?

No, I didn't go to UVM, nor did most of my 'NIMBY' friends. We may not all
be from here, but we all live here because of the skiing and not because
our 'wealthy parents' sent us to Groovy-UV. And good job putting down UVM,
the institution that provides the resources for this list-serve that we all
benefit from. Now I have to get back to work, I mean collecting my trust-
fund checks. ;)


p.s. The most ardent 'locals' I know all live very modestly as ski bums in
the truest sense of the word. Go spend a winter boxed up in van (down by
the river) so you can afford to ski everyday and then you can judge what
a 'local' really is.

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