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> That makes two.  My season is over as well.

Well I am very sorry to hear that.  That skcus for both you and

> I wrapped myself around a tree.

What actually caused the knee injury?  Impact with the trunk or
an awkward twising fall as you made contact?

I always wonder about these things.  I'm quite good at hitting
trees myself, or more precisely ending up straddling the trunk.
Of course I'm moving pretty slowly at that point and just put out
my hands to prevent any impact.  This usually happens after making
a sharp turn to avoid something which dumps most all of my initial
speed.  I don't ski very fast in the woods. It's also fairly common
that I hook a tip around a sapling, which causes a minor spinout.
But, to my perception, I'm not really close to actually messing myself
up.  I believe that the real dangers are in sub-snow obstacles and
holes, and the possibility of conking the coconut on a thick
overhanging branch when traveling at relatively high speeds.  And,
of course, many people are just one twising fall away from trashing
the ACL, which can happen in the woods just as on a SPORE-way (I'm
using my new vocab).

Good luck with the surgery and rehab,


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