Carol writes:
"What I did think about this morning at Stowe was we should have gotten
there a bit earlier. You'd have thought it was a major dump instead of
the minor several inches, the way it was tracked up."

Ain't it a riot.  Wawa was downright crowded this morning, and this after
all but the last 2-3 inches of snow had been tracked up by yesterday's
nightskiers.  When we reached the summit, there were 8 of us ready to take
first tracks on Smith-Walton, 7 hikers and one ski patroller who hitched a
ride up on a snowmobile, apparently tired of catching sloppy seconds on this
season's few powder days.  None of us really battled with him, perhaps
having a better perspective on what was worth fighting for.  Of course, if
there had been another foot, there might have been a stampede over to Pine
Hill, but not this morning.  After our second lap, the quad was just about
starting up and about 30 people were lined up in hopes of getting sloppy
12th's on Smith Walton, and a horde was forming in the lodge.

It's all supply and demand I guess.

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