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>Like most Republican-style cost benefit analyses, a key variable has been
>omitted: distance driven. For moderately short distances driven, a sub $10
>tab for an ok ski day is a bargain. As distance driven increases, the
>attraction of a low ticket price decreases, and the value of quality
>conditions increases.
>And I can only imagine the effect is more pronounced when the distance
>driven is in a Jeep.

This is the reason I did not make it to any of the Jeep days this season.
The driving time and the conditions did not make it worth the trip.

This is the analysis I will be using next week for the Partee. Its a 6 hour
drive and we'd need to buy lift tix and lodging. It will be over $70 per
person per day (plus travel costs) to ski with 20+ crazy skivtlers in the
woods at Stowe. That would be the most expensive days of the entire season
for us. Is it worth it?

If it snows a lot before then...I will not hesitate, as it would be worth
the costs and efforts. I peeked at a long term forecast hmmm....I will make a decision after this weekend.
I'll be enjoying the new bounty in southern VT. Magic looks sweet.

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