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>Sharon Heller wrote on 3/18/04 9:32 AM:
>> This is the analysis I will be using next week for the Partee. Its a 6
>> drive and we'd need to buy lift tix and lodging. It will be over $70 per
>> person per day (plus travel costs) to ski with 20+ crazy skivtlers in the
>> woods at Stowe. That would be the most expensive days of the entire
>> for us. Is it worth it?
>Are you kidding, LaSH? I'm doing the same analysis and by my calculations
>it's a no-brainer. Wouldn't miss the partee for the world. kceH, wouldn't
>miss it for the next world, um, I mean, valhalla.

The choice is personal and economic.

No offense to the skivtlers...but, we may prefer skiing and staying for
free with very close friends at a mountain a few hours closer to home.
Surely it won't be Stowe, and it won't be the Skivtlers, but, it will be
good no matter and we'd save over $300 between the 2 of us. Plus, I know
that Bubba would prefer to ski with our closest friends rather than a bunch
of my cyber-friends. I can try to get our friends to go to Stowe, but that
is highly unlikely. No one wants spend more $, as we all just got back from
big western vacations. Our finances may dictate our decision, though that
could be overruled by better weather and conditions at Stowe.

I would trade the Partee for Valhalla any day. Dude, you don't know what
you are missing. If I could afford a week with Valhalla, I would have been

You can abuse me and call me a Whose, but, you really can't argue with
economics and personal choices based on years of friendship.


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