--- Dylan Gamache <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> He's done work on LA Lakers and Rams and more
> importantly put my friend back together.

I don't know if I'd agree with this logic.  Any doc
can operate on your friends, not any doc can work on a
Laker or Ram.  Sports medicine credentials is key to
finding a doctor who is at the cutting edge (pun
intended) of ACL repair.  The strength of the Rutland
Clinic is that they focus on ski related injuries.


> I didn't know you did your knee too? When and how
> bad?

I haven't done my knees, however, at a VARA coaches
clinic several years back, one of the speakers was one
of the top knee guys in the business (IIRC, he was a
part of the Rutland clinic).  This was shortly after
Terrell Owens had blown out his knee and gone straight
into surgery and our speaker explained to us why this
was lunacy.

--Matt K.

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