I skied all four Aspen area mountains in the last two
weeks. I rate them #1 Snowmass, #2 Aspen Highlands, #3
Aspen Mountain, #4 Buttermilk. The cover on them was
good except for Buttermilk.

At Snowmass there were perfect bumps off the Sam's
Knob Chair, (under the chair and Zugspitze were the
best) Big Burn chair and the High Alpine chair.

Ride the Cirque Poma for the views (try the line 3rd
from the left in the corral, it was alternating with
line 4 (ski school) and zipped along) a short hike to
the ridge will give you an excellent view for lunch.
Even take a peek through the gate at a huge
backcountry bowl. Scout out the Cirque carefully when
descending. I don't know what trail I came down but
the trails left and right were boney. KY Gully was
short but very sweet.

Hanging Valley Wall has also been highly recommended
but I never made it over there.

Aspen Highlands (and Aspen) has loads of double
diamond shots dropping off the ridges. When I went the
day topped out at about 40F, not warm enough to
consolidate the snow in the bumps. They were beyond my
skill level that day. I sampled Kesslers Bowl and
found hard bumps covered with yesterdays slush, a
frozen crust, topped with about 4" of fresh powder.
Not much different in the afternoon. But the warm
conditions of the past few days (55f on slope this
morning) might have changed things radically.

>Date:    Fri, 19 Mar 2004 17:33:00 -0700
>From:    Tamra Malczyk <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Re: Aspen 3/11-13
>So out of all of the Aspen resorts, which is best
this >week?

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