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>--- Jay Silveira <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > which was the very scary result of a miscalculation...At
> > that point all I could do was hold on and hope for the best
> > wishing all the while that I could somehow get into the snow
> > before colliding with the trees.
>Sounds extreme.  And this is in one of your clips?  Can you give
>me the link?

Actually, I've used it in two videos, which can be downloaded by
right-clicking on the appropriate image (links below).

The first case is in the video of our 2003 Fernie trip from time index 2:37
(start of the cross fade) to 3:21.  This occurrence includes a bit of the
video after the crash as well, which I ran under the credits.  The video can
be downloaded from the following page:

The second case is just the crash until the head cam became covered with
snow, in the trailer for our new ski movie "Vision", from time index 1:50 to
1:52.  The video can be downloaded from the following page:


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