I had some free skiing opporunities to use before the end of the season. I
was waiting for snow to hit southern VT and the last storm of winter this
past week made for my last possible opportunity to ski with good conditions.

Okemo was in fine shape. There were over 100 McTrails with nice coverage,
immaculately groomed. The terrain is a bit of a snoozer.

Outrage and Double Diamond had ropes all the way across. The only 'natural'
snow trails that were open were a small patch under the South Face Quad and
one small patch under the Northstar Express. Not too much. But we found an
opening into the woods inbetween Outrage and Double Diamond and found some
powder in there and access to the closed trails. There was 8" of fluff on
rock in there. Not much base. Plenty of good snow to ski on and plenty of
rocks hiding. No major damage done, just an occasional sound of rock under
ptex. We did a number of laps in there during the latter part of the day,
since we were quite bored with the low angle cruising. The McTrails got a
bit scratchy and skied off, but all in all the snow cover was pretty good.

Other than that, not too much excitement at Okemo.

Sunday we went to Magic looking for something a bit more interesting. It
was a bit grim. The base lodge was empty. There were maybe 10 cars in the
parking lot at 10am when we arrived. The marketing director said that they
were thinking that today may be the last day. The groomed trails were nice,
hero snow. The non-groomed trails had a fair share of rock, ice and crust.
It had sleeted and rained a bit over night, so the powdery conditions had
been reduced to a stiff packed slush.

Not ideal, but still ok. Wizard and Wand were good. Witch was kinda yucky,
with chunks and rock. Talisman had firm but skiable bumps with sketchy
spots of rock and ice.

It was snowing and they were expecting 3", but it just didn't accumulate
enough while we were there. Officially it was the last day of operation
this season. Glad we got it in before it was all over.

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