On Mon, 2004-03-15 at 14:19, Richard C Ramsden wrote:
> I skied in pretty good to excellent snow conditions most runs, both
> days, including some truely untracked powder on Sat.  Just ask the
> people that skied with me.

Rich speaks the truth. I was there on Sunday, and rather than lamenting
missing out on Saturday's snow, I had a ball skiing with Rich and two of
my kids. (Stu is out for another week with a broken arm, obtained by
schussing -- that's ski lexicon, you know -- the upper Allen at the Snow
Bowl. "I got a lot of air!" was his report of the accident.)

There was plenty of snow left in the woods Sunday. Most of the main
lines were well tracked out, but fun regardless in a soft, bumpy, fast
bobsleddy sort of way. My kids got a thorough tour of MRG's woods by
Guide Ramsden. A warmup run down the 20th, followed by jaunts into
Quacky Woods, Falldise, and some lesser-known gems. We didn't ski a
trail all day except to get to the next woods. The kids had so much fun
in the trees they couldn't believe it. We did five runs all day, and
finally stopped because they could hardly stand up for another run. They
couldn't get over how five runs could be so much of an adventure.

But the huge event for me wasn't really one I was completely looking
forward to, even if I knew it was coming. You know how every single
parent who takes their kids skiing jokes about the day when "pretty soon
they'll be the ones waiting for me, ha ha"? It happened. Yesterday. All
of a sudden, bam, just like that. My kids are suddenly down there at the
bottom waiting for me. All day long, Rich was leading the way through
the woods, with Gillian and Neil right there with him, zipping through
the trees, while Dad carefully picked his line down behind them. If I
didn't love them so damned much it might be humiliating.

Watch out. The next generation of skivittlers is out there and they're
growing up fast.

Some people said the conditions sucked at MRG? Hmm, yeah, I guess I saw
people skiing bad snow. I guess it all depends on where you go, and the
company you're with. :-)

Dave G.

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