St. Patrick's Day dawn I awoke to new snow in Enfield, and after checking the snow report at Sunapee, I bagged work and headed for the hill. With the way this winter has been, this may be the last decent snowfall we get, so I wanted to take advantage of it. Sunapee had a two for one special in honor of St. Patrick, which made the day that much better.
Sunapee recieved around 6 or 8 inches of new snow, which was enough to cover the bullet-proof ice in most trails. Did laps off the triple chair, with powder billowing up my legs with each turn. Nothing like the several feet of powder I found in Utah a few weeks ago, but it was still sweet. After Goosebumps et al got tracked up, I took a jaunt into the woods off the summit chair. The signs warned of thin cover, and they meant it. After donating some p-tex to Ullr, I decided to stick to the trails.
Skied chewed up snow for the rest of the morning, then decided to quit while I was ahead before every trail became very icy.

Hopefully we'll get more snow tomorow, and extend the season a bit longer.

Bon ski


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