I knew that MRG would be fun on Saturday as soon as we hit snow on I-89 Friday night @ 10 pm. There were numerous accidents and the State Patrol was slowing everyone down.  As I slowed the driving down, I of course was grinning thinking that tomorrow could turn out to be an excellent ski day if this snow holds up.  I was right!
After depositing the kids in ski school on Saturday I spent the morning skiing beautiful light powder all over with Rich R.  20th was in great shape. Don't know which line we skied but it was probably close to the best conditions I have skied all season.  We skied into Lars B off the double a skied a few runs with him.  I skied the wall of one ravine that was just spectacular - the light snow, the appropriate steepness and the lack of puckerbrush made it so much fun.   Skied the afternoon with the SU spying on the kids - they get a kick out of playing peek-a-boo on the slopes during their lessons.  Did a few runs with them afterwards on the practice slope and they just love those woods!  Ashlyn just can't pass by a tree shot or some little trail without checking it out.  Of course her brother, Patrick, is always close behind.
Sunday's conditions were good, but not as great as the previous days.  Spent most of the day skiing with the family off the double and in Birdland. Those mellow tree shots just invited my kids in again.  Had much fun skiing more moderate terrain with them.  The SU and I took both kids up the single and at the bottom my daughter announces that she wants to do it again but this time but ride the lift by herself.  Slowly but surely she has been asserting her independence this season on the lifts and now she's a single rider!  Pretty soon she's gonna ski by herself too!
Shoulda turned on my radio on Sunday as I saw much plaid as we were leaving.  Saw and spoke to Dave G and crew (minus one twin) and Jim B taking care of number 3 in the lodge.  Spoke with Evan briefly in the single line and Ranger Renson coming out of the basebox.  Spotted Ben Bloom at one point but was unable to make contact.  Good weekend for plaid sighting!
Overall a a spectacular weekend in VT.  The snow, the PLAID, the family - what more could you want???  How about a repeat?  Hoping this weeks snow will bring more fun and happiness this coming weekend.
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