Mr. Hill seems to forget that technology is a tool, not an end in itself.
We too can scan in articles for ILL, but that takes time, and not every
member of the staff knows how to do so (including me).  We tend to send
items the fastest way, whether electronic or fax.  Like many libraries, we
do not have a color scanner, although we do have a color printer, and will
print out articles in color, if they are in PDF format, and if the library
requests it.  Of course, there was the case of the library that requested
color, which we sent, in color, in PDF format.  However, the library printed
it on black and white printer and asked us why it was not in color!!!

It also surprises me that Mr. Hill and/or his staff have the time to check
each library to see whether that library does EDD.  I hope they check each
time they receive an ILL, since they ability to do EDD changes on a daily
basis.  I do not see that "fairness" is an issue here.  It seems that he has
decided that his way is best, and that all others should conform to it,
despite the fact that his way is nonstandard.  Also, unless he fills all
ILLs at not cost, he is losing the money each time he rejects an ILL because
the library does not provide EDD.  Or, is money not an issue?

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03/30/2004 03:06 PM
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        Subject:        Electronic Document Delivery reciprocating
Colleagues, I posted a note to Medlib-L so if you have seen this, delete and
move on.  We have been encouraging hospital librarians (especially) to get
and use the technology for electronic document delivery (EDD: TIFF or PDF),
not just fax delivery.  We have noted that while we deliver 95% of our items
via EDD, we receive about 45% of them EDD.  Libraries are requesting EDD
that can not or do not deliver EDD.  We have taken to checking Docline
records, and if requesting libraries do not deliver TIFF or PDF, we refer on
requests for EDD (TIFF or PDF) delivery.  Fax is "iffy" because of quality
of images and color graphics, as well as it does not move us away from a
paper product.  We want to move to EDD for reasons of speed of service,
quality of images (and we can scan and send color), delivery to customer's
computer, and reduction in paper.  I think we need to encourage colleagues
to move to EDD and to decide how we are to handle reciprocating to those who
can not reply in kind.  I understand forces may be delaying transition, but
it does take us more work to scan, convert, email, and attach for EDD than
it would to simply copy and mail.  For me, an issue of "fairness" enters
here, and perhaps we need to give our colleagues more of a reason why those
who are delaying transition to EDD need to move to the digital applications.

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