Hi all,

Wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to volunteer to help me out. I will
be getting married on May 15 of this year and be going on honeymoon directly
after. In all, I will be out of the office from May 14th until June 1st.

I am currently the full time solo librarian for the Jameson Health System &
School of Nursing Library and an independent library consultant for the
Sharon Regional Health System & School of Nursing. I do have part time
assistants at both locations and I was wondering if anyone would be willing
to be available to answer any questions for them or help out in emergencies,
should they need you. They would most likely be contacting you by phone (or
less likely email). They are both quite capable and I do feel that they will
keep the library going in my absence. However, I would like to provide them
with a safety net in case they run in to some problems.  They would most
likely only need to contact you Monday - Friday, between the hours of 9:00am
and 1:00pm. Anyone willing to volunteer?

The reason I am asking so early is because I believe that my vacation
coincides with the MLA conference and I'd like to catch someone who will not
be attending.

Please email me off list ([log in to unmask]) if you think you may be
able to help. I'd really appreciate it and promise to bring a neat Hawaiian
souvenier to whomever volunteers.

Leann Isaac (soon to be Restaino)
Jameson Health System
New Castle PA
[log in to unmask]

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