I have been asked to verify a citation about a nurse anesthetist (Alice
Magaw).  I have checked old editions of Index Medicus, Cinahl and Ulrich's
and couldn't find the title listed.  I checked the Nursing Studies Index as
well. If anyone has access to this journal(s) and can check out the
citations, I would really appreciate it.  Here is what I was given:

The first nurse anesthetist.  BNANA 7:63, 1939.  (referring to Alice Magaw).

A book entitled Watchful care: A history of America's nurse anesthetists by
Bankert gives a little better citation:  BNANA 7(2)63, May 1939.  It says
the abbreviation means Bulletin of the National Association of Nurse
Anesthetists.  Vol. 2 of the Nursing Studies Index has a citation about
Alice in 1939 except the title of the article and journal abbreviation are
different: Mcgaw, Alice. A review of over fourteen thousand surgical
anaesthesias, Bulletin of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists,
vol 7, pp 63-68, Feb 1939.  That would be BAANA.  It's odd that the
initials are similar and the volume and page numbers both start with p. 63.
According to WorldCat, BNANA became BAANA sometime in 1939.


Helen Seaton
Noble Science Library
ASU, Tempe,AZ
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