I believe that in your strategy you should have chosen should have

liver diseases[Major:noexp] NOT ("liver diseases/analysis"[MeSH Terms]
OR "liver diseases/anatomy and histology"[MeSH Terms] OR
............"liver diseases/therapeutic use"[MeSH Terms] OR "liver
diseases/therapy"[MeSH Terms])

Only if you eliminate the Mesh term with subheadings, will you be
eliminating all references with subheadings.
I did the above strategy and it worked.

If anyone has not understood Jean's instructions - I am trying a
different "language" - hope it helps:

Go to Preview / Index
Choose MeSH Major topic, enter Liver diseases and click Preview
You find "liver diseases[MeSH Major Topic]" automatically getting
entered in the search box.
Replace [MeSH Major Topic] with [Major:noexp]

Next. from the drop down, Choose MeSH Terms
In the box, enter Liver diseases and click Index
Choose liver disease/analysis - down to the last (psychology), using
the shift key
Then click NOT

Again enter Liver diseases and click Index
This time - go down upto psychology and click the Down button
When the page refreshes, choose the subheadings from radiography to
therapy - using the shift key
Again click NOT

You will have the entire strategy in the PubMed search box at the top.
Click on the "Go" button and you have your search results.

It would be nice if we could have one single command to do this of

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I've followed the discussion on this topic and want to bring up an
with PubMed that this has illustrated to me.

When one does a search for "Up Front" articles in PubMed (articles
have no subheadings attached), PubMed is not returning results as we