Colleagues: Three items are on my mind and wonder if you want to be
aware of these:  1. we have been experiencing a very slow PubMed load
time several mornings and various times in the day the past two weeks.
This morning 30 March and yesterday, PubMed is our home page when we do
to IE6 and it has been very slow to load.  I sent custserv a note about
it and thought NLM had resolved the problem last week.  Others
throughout the country replied to my note that they were having the same

2.  We donated back issues of West J Med to NLM some months ago with the
thought that West J Med was to be full-text online in PubMed.  This
morning we need 1991 articles and I note West J Med is not showing as
full-text on PubMed.  Any ideas what the lag time for that will be?

3. We were asked to edit our Docline record to show we reciprocate
electronic document delivery.  I hope that shows for you if you look as
SCUGRW.  We have been sending 95% of our ILLs loans to others as PDF and
TIFF.  We have been getting only 40% the same method in return
borrowing.  Looking at requesting library Docline records we find too
many are requesting edd and do not say they can deliver the same.  I
encourage you to get the technology you need to perform reciprocal edd.
We are now checking library requests for edd loans and if you can not
reciprocate in kind, we are referring on your request.  Other librarians
commented to me about such over a year ago.  You will see articles in
National Network where I have asked librarians to upgrade to edd
technology.  I believe each of us will have to make the decision whether
we choose to honor edd requests from libraries that can not or do not
reciprocate in kind.

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