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Subject: [NAME-MCE] Parental Support website

The information below contains the website address of a special Parental
Information presentation just developed and released by OELA.  We seek your
support in forwarding this web link information to school systems and groups
across your state.  By clicking on one of the links below (Your choice of
English or Spanish) you will access an entertaining and a very informative
presentation on Parental Rights under No Child Left Behind.

Thank you for your support in sharing this link across your state.

Dear Educators and Parents:

On April 7, 2004, Secretary Paige, OELA's Deputy Under Secretary Maria
Hernandez Ferrier and others shared a special  "Kick Off" presentation of
information designed to assist parents and educators to better understand
and work with parental rights and opportunities under the No Child Left
Behind Act (NCLB).  The Kick Off event included a special media presentation
outlining Parental Rights, including printable copies of the rights
available in both English and Spanish.  Other languages will be available in
the future.  You can access the presentation at:       English version     Spanish version

We hope you will forward this site location to other parents, educators and
anyone who will benefit from this information.


John Ovard for
Maria Hernandez Ferrier
Deputy Under Secretary and Director, OELA
US Department of Education

John S. Ovard, Ed.D.
Director, Division of Innovation and Improvement
USDE, Office of English Language Acquisition,
Language Enhancement & Academic Achievement
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