Hi, Diana, I would like to one on Bolivian children at risk in the
community.  My name is Donnie Lawrence, [log in to unmask], and (434)
525-5592.  I am excited about this project.  Thank you so much for the
opportunity.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great afternoon!
Donnie Lawrence

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Subject: Possible topics for forthcoming monographs
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 <<Potential Topics for 2006.doc>>
Dear colleagues,
        At the FSCP SIG Business meeting at AERA, this survey was
distributed. We wanted everyone in the SIG to have an opportunity to offer
his/her opinion. If you have not completed this survey, PLEASE, please do so
and return to me by April 30. I shall tabulate and submit the results on
this Listserve for further discussion.
        Thanks so much!

Potential Topics for 2006 FSCP Monograph

The titles of our first 3 (2004 AERA award-winning) published monographs and
the monograph in progress are listed at the bottom of the page. We are
seeking to determine interest and use for a sixth monograph to be published
in 2006.

Please rank the following suggested topics according to the importance and
use to your college classes or work. Use 1 for your first choice and
continue numerically until you exhaust the topics you feel are needed and

____1_   Promising practices for family/school/community involvement within
diverse cultures (e.g. native American, Hispanic, and so forth)

____2_   Promising practices for family/school/community involvement with
                children and youth

___3__   Promising practices for family/school involvement related to

_____4   Promising practices for family/school involvement in early

___5__   Promising practices for family members to connect with schools
                grandparents, siblings, and so forth)

_____   Other, please specify ______________________________________________

Please indicate if you are willing to contribute a chapter. I need name,
e-mail address, and telephone numbers.


Previous titles
Promising Practices for Family Involvement in Schools (November, 2001)
Promising Practices to Connect Schools with the Community (January 2003)
Promising Practices Connecting Schools to Families with Special Needs
(January 2004)

In progress for 2005 Promising Practices for Family Involvement Across the