Hi Charlotte and folks tabling for the RRC and buses,

  I have  a box of "stand up for choice Tshirts" (they were at the rally on
friday) that you can have and sell if you want for fundraising for your
 No strings attached, just let me know if you want them and where to mail
them/drop them off. I hope you can use them! My contact info is below.

Beth Tarallo, VT Grassroots Organizer, PPNNE
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802 878 7232 ext 232
March with me on Sunday, April 25th 2004 for Women's Lives! Check out
www.ppnne.org/march for more info and to buy bus tickets!

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Subject: Bus tickets and list


I am out of town and won't be able to make the meeting tonight so someone
have to pick up the bus tickets and the master list from the box outside my
office to bring it to the meeting.  This is so important as people are
to this meeting especially to buy tickets and people should take tickets to
sell to their friends.  Also everyone in the co-alition should buy tickets
tonight, we need to get moving on this - 20 days and counting. Did anyone
Channel 3 news on Friday?  The PP rally got as much coverage as an
anti-abortion protest downtown - uggh, we need to get people on the bus to
sure that our one million drowns out the pathetic counter protest that the
right wing is organizing on Aprial 25th. Rmember that the cost is $55 and
checks should be made payable to Christina Churchill.

We also should fix up more than one tablign time this week so that people
come and show interest and then bring money back another day.  We should
centralize the lsit of people who signed up for the bus and e mail all of
 At the end of the meeting someone should bring the list back to the box
outside my office or arrange to do it on Tuesday.  It is really important
we keep the list in one place.  Someone should e mail the list and affirm
they will pick up the folder so we know it will be there.  Also if you guys
want to set up a time when people can come to my office and buy tickets
fine, just let me know.  I teach MWF 1,25 - 3.30 and TR  3.30 -600 but any
other time I can be in my office to sell tickets to people.  LEt me know.


Charlotte Miller
English Department