Hello Everyone

Today is the last meeting of the Reproductive RIghts Coalition before the March
and it will be in BILLINGS (upstairs in front of the big fireplace) at 7.30pm
so that we can be on hand for the D'Souza protest before and to sell tickets
afterwards.  Everyone on the list should come and make sure to buy their
tickets - we only have half the bus left and also sign up for tabling so we can
fill the bus by Wednesday which is when we need to pay by.

As of Midday today, all the tickets will be at the Women's Center on 34 South
Williams Street for people to buy when we are not tabling with them.  THey will
no longer be available in my office.

See you all tonight and don't forget to come at 6.15 outside IRA Allen to
Protest Dinesh D'souza's racist, homophobic, mysognistic presence on campus.
We cnanot be silent in the face of this man, we need to let people on campus,
the College Republicans, the community and the man himself that we do not want
his sort of rhetoric on campus.