Hi All!
A BIG reminder:
The bus for the march is leaving Gutterson Field House at 9:30 pm Saturday
night. So, we all should get there as close to 9pm as possible, so we can be
sure to leave on time.
Be sure to have some money on you for subway into the city, food, etc. $55 was
only for the bus.
We will get to New Carrolton Maryland around 7:30 am, where we will take the
train into the Mall. We have to be back in New Carrolton by 7pm because the bus
is going to leave right at 7:30 pm. We cannot leave late, because people need
to get back for classes and work.
So, be ready to make some noise in DC, get ready to talk politics and fight for
ABORTION RIGHTS! Lets show this government what we think of their backwards

"i love my country, by which i mean i am indebted joyfully to all the people
throughout its history who have fought the government to make right. where so
many cunning sons and daughters, our foremothers and forefathers came singing
through slaughter - came through hell and high water so that we could stand
here..."    ani difranco