Christina, as far as I know, you are correct in thinking that you are going to
be the one centralizing money! You seem to be on task and we need a dedicated
and organized person to be the money organizer. You seem like the right woman
for the job!

Quoting Christina Helene Churchill <[log in to unmask]>:

> I am cetralizing money I thought or did I misunderstand the meeting on
> Monday.
> Quoting Charlotte Miller <[log in to unmask]>:
> > We need to get money as soon as possible from people for the bus.  We
> cannot
> > wait until April 23rd.  We should get someone for people to write checks
> to
> > as
> > soon as possible.  Money means seriousness from people and collexting
> money
> > last minute will be a NIGHTMARE.  Can anyone centralize the money?  What
> > about
> > the people in the FMLA?  We need to do this as soon as possible so we
> don't
> > lose energy.      Get your thinking caps on everyone.
> >
> > Charlotte
> >
> --