Hi All,
Here is a meeting coming up one Wednesday, which will be awesome.
Here is Bush, willing to murder lots of innocent adults on completely racist or
social-economicalist terms, yet he screams that abortions are murder and he is
trying to give adult rights to a fetus! Where are these rights for the 40% of
African-American males who make up death row?!This is just a perfect example of
Bush's conservative attacks on innocent, working class Americans.
Hope to see lots of you there!

The Struggle Against the Death Penalty

Wednesday, April 7th at 7:30pm
UVM Lafayette 108

Over 580 people have lost their lives since the death penalty was brought back
into practice by the US government. Although nearly 20% of these people have
been proven innocent post-mortum, this obscene practice continues! It is an
attack on workers, as 90% of defendents can't afford decent legal defense; it
is a racial attack with African Americans being disproportionately represented
on death row. How can we end the death penalty? Massive grassroots action saved
the life of Kevin Cooper and won a moratorium on all executions in Illinois.
Come learn about the power of protest, and help abolish the death penalty!

Marlene Martin, National Director of Campaign to End the Death Penalty
and a live call-in with a member of the former Illinois Death Row Ten

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, UVM Department of
English, and Students Against War

Contact [log in to unmask] or 864-9648 for more info