John -

How many master mortgages could we potentially be recording for free and at
how many pages?  As I stated to you over the phone, I believe this whole
issue would be better addressed by the Land Records Commission that is to be
established.  At this point nobody really knows what it actually costs to
record and maintain pages so we're probably shorting ourselves even at $8.00
per page.

I strongly feel that the "to be formed Commission" should be addressing this
rather than possibly re-doing the whole thing next year.  I also believe
that we should not be compromising.  I've seen a lot of comments where
Clerk's feel they "can live with it".  I'd hate to see us all end up worse
off than we are now - getting shorted on fees and still not solving vault

My two cents.  Sorry that the Legislature may not have been really listening
to the Clerk's, but I'm encouraging Stowe's representative to vote no on

Alison in Stowe

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  Please read this in its entirety.

  Notice - Calendar for the House:

  I told you that I would keep you informed when I had a copy of the final
draft and this is it.

  The fee would be changed from $7.00 to $8.00 per page.
  The short-form mortgage (up to 6 pages) would be a document fee of $80.00

  Under this draft it states under G2 - A town clerk shall not charge a fee
to record a master mortgage form recorded in the land records of a town
under subsection (b) of this section.

  I believe that the 3rd reading of this will either be on Monday or Tuesday
SUPPORT OR OPPOSITION FOR THIS BILL. I can no longer make a difference in
the House.

  House Bill 574 has been taken by the Judiciary Committee in the Senate  -
this is the bill allowing us to computerize the land records by changing the
words photo to copy and eliminating the sunset on the restoration fund. I
spoke with Senator Sears this morning and he was not sure what he was going
to do with the bill at this point.