The Grand List Book filed with you is a "PERMANENT RECORD."  As with any permanent record it should not be "defaced."  There are procedures for corrections.  However, the transfers that have taken place should be kept on a separate list by the Listers and NOT on your grand list.

  Title 32, Sections 4111, 4151-4162 give you some good information on what is acceptable.

  Good Luck

  Donna Kelty
  Barre Town Clerk-Treasurer

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My Listers went through the 2003 Grandlist and wrote in red pen all the property transfers that happened since April 1, 2003.  Should they have done that?  I don't know if there is a "rule" about it, but it makes for a messy looking book.  Is there any way I can tell them not to do that?  Do I have the authority to do that?