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Subject: H31 & H715


The House Journal for the 6th and today's Calendar, indicates that amendments have been made to H31 in support of our position of receiving $80.00 for the short form mortgage up to six pages and $8.00 per page thereafter, we would be paid for the master mortgage at $8.00 per page and all others would increase from $7.00 to $8.00 per page. Hopefully, tomorrow morning a Journal for the House will indicate that this has become reality and then we begin the process in the Senate.


H715 - Municipal Land Record's Commission - will be up for the third meeting today. It appears that it has the House support.


I would like to thank the Clerks and Representatives who have worked with us to make these Bills reality. I know that we all get frustrated at times, but this time it appears that the system has worked because of us working together. We came to a solution of our differences. I hope that we can get the Senate to agree to these Bills as they are currently written. We will again need your support in this process as well. I will keep you informed as these Bills move through the Senate.


I personally would like to thank Alison Lewis, the Town Clerk of Stowe, for her involvement - her involvement was very important to this this compromise.


H524 - changing photocopy to copy and repealing the sunset of the restoration reserve fund - now sits in the Judiciary Committee. I feel that this is very important to us in allowing us to move forward with the new technology. We will not be using the digitized images in many cases for some time - it only allows us the option to digitize the records rather than photocopy the record.