Hi Joe, et al,

We've have 40+ laptops @ our HS/MS, and about the same at our ES.  They
are incredibly popular, and address a number of access issues such as
space, network drops, and power outlets.  There is a whole engineering
discourse that I won't go into here regarding ratios of base units to
clients, security, zones, etc, etc, etc.  What I will say is that the
more elaborate your goals, the more you'll need to plan.  I think carts
w/ attached base stations would be a good way to test the waters.

That being said, I will suggest you keep in mind the "battery" issue.
We work hard to manage the use of laptops to insure that users don't
"run out of gas" while using them.  Given about a 2 hour battery life,
and a perhaps an hour + to recharge a drained one, teachers will need to
plan accordingly, and work together to  minimize the occurrences of dead
batteries in the middle of a project.

Last but not lease, we've been using Compaqs fro the last 3 years, and
they have been solid.  Very few hardware problems and when we have,
service has been excellent.

Hope this has been helpful

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> Hello,
> I was wondering how people are using wireless in schools.  We
> are thinking about maybe adding some wireless labs or
> something to that extent, and just wanted to see what pros
> and cons other people have run into.  Also, if you are/have
> used it, what equipment would you recommend/not recommend?
> Thanks,
> Joe Lemaire
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