Dear Wendy,

We specified a help desk application that runs on IIS (Windows 2K) and keeps the information in an Access database.  We had a talented ex-student who was at the time a student at RIT write this in his "Spare time".  It works great!  He has said he would be willing to sell it, if you would be interested I can get you his number.

Here is the specification;

District Computer Services Service Request tracking system

A. Initial Entry Form

The requests will be initiated from a web form similar to the one currently in use.

This will include a field for the School Name, which will be a drop down list with all of the BSD organizations/buildings in alphabetical order; Barnes, BHS, BTC, Champlain, EES, EMS, Horizons, Hunt, Ira Allen, OnTop, Property Services, Smith, Wheeler.

There will be fields for Contact Name, Room and Phone #.

There will be a mandatory field for the senders' e-mail address.

Some system supplied, unique index number identifying this service request.

There will be a note field (large enough for a detailed description) for a description of the problem.

When the submit button is clicked, a copy of the form is sent to the e-mail address entered in the form.  A copy will be entered into an Access Database.

B. Update Form

As the DCS staff work on the service request, they will use a web page to document their progress.  DCS personnel should only access this web page.

It would be best if the person who is using this web page could select records from the Access database in a flexible manner.  Suggested searches/sorts would be.

Completed Yes or No




Technician Name

Identifying index number

Once a list of records that meet the criteria are available the user of the web page can select the individual record that they wish to update.

New fields,

Action Taken * this would be a note field, with an associated date and name field.
        Technician Name * this can be a drop down list that holds the names of all of the technicians

Resolution * a note field, name field and a date field, possibly a Boolean True/False field.

When the Update Form is marked as completed, then an email would be automatically sent to the customer, detailing the steps taken and the resolution.  This email would have some form of customer satisfaction response built in, either by hitting reply, and sending a message to a 3rd party who could evaluate DCS's performance, or by including a pointer to a web form where the customer could enter comments regarding their service experience.

C. Status Query Form

This form is for the customers to see what the current status is of their service request.  It could be identical to the Update form, except that it would be read only.

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We are looking for a district-wide help desk software.  Any


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