The CCMPO TAC meeting is on May 4th at 9:00 a.m.  Peter, can you send the SLner's a copy of the CCMPO TAC agenda?
Thanks, Deb

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Partners...the students can do the May 10 Council meeting.  What time
should we appear?  They will be working on a one-pager to
insert.  Mary...when is that needed?  They will be doing a power
point...assume the Council chambers are set up for such?  Deb....the CCMPO
sounds fine if the time you have a time for the meeting?  We
will be circulating pie charts etc. from the survey prior to the our
meeting with the Partners in two weeks. would be great to
get feedback on the circulated material before you join us on the 27th of
April.  I will provide pizza and juice for that meeting.  Cheers.  Thanks
for the help with this partners!