Some comments about the CCMPO's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and
your upcoming presentation on Tuesday:

The TAC consists mostly of town appointed members.   These are municipal
employees - public works staff, planners, engineers, road crew or
administrators.  Some members are appointed by tranportation related
organizations such as CCTA, CATMA, the Federal Highway Administration
and the VT Agency of Transportation.  Other members represent
transportation constituencies like bicyclists and pedestrians, the
elderly, trucking, etc.  On average attendance at TAC meetings will
range from 10 to 25 and is difficult to predict. Although TDM is not a
major concern in most of their day-to-day work, the TAC is a curious
group that I expect will listen attentively and have questions.  Since
Bob Penniman is a member and will be there I expect he will have plenty
to add to the discussion.

Related to the presentation: You may want to precisely define the
geographic area of the survey (was it only downtown or did it expand
into other areas?).  The questions on the slides have been
understandably shortened so you may need to carefully explain the full
wording of the questions when presenting.  I agree with Prof McIntosh
that CATMA needs to be cited as a success story.

Good luck. I look forward to the presentation.

Peter Keating
Senior Transportation Planner
30 Kimball Avenue, Suite 206
South Burlington, VT 05403
802 660 4071 ext. 14
802 660 4079 - fax
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I redid my slides so here is the presentation to fix, and I didn't
change the order or anything. Also, there is no question asking do you
pay for parking, it was do you provide parking, so I didn't add it. Jane