Hi Kelly,

I've made a few changes and suggested slides for your presentation.  Please find attached revised ppt presentation.  If you have time, please add a slide about the 10% Challenge results.  Also, I think it would be good to add a general slide describing how many businesses were surveyed (N= ), number of returns (n = ) and percent returned.  Also, if there is anything else we can summarize, for example the most popular travel am and pm times, etc. this would help provide a reference for your audience/decision-makers.

I will work on getting some general findings together from the perspective of the 10% Challenge.  

Finally, on successes, you might want to add CATMA to this slide as a local example here at home.

Thank you for all your work.


Debra L. Sachs, Director 
Alliance for Climate Action 
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Subject: Draft Presentation

Hello all. I've attached a copy of our draft power point presentation that
prepared for the City Council and CCMPO meetings.  We'll do a trial run through
at the SL meeting on Tuesday and hope that you all get a chance to look over
the slides before then, as any input would be greatly appreciated.  Some slides
are still a work in progress (as I've noted in the presentation)and we'd
especially like input on what if any recommendations or conclusions might be
appropriate to present.  Also, the pie chart slides presenting our survey
findings are still being edited for format.

Thanks, see you all on Tuesday at 5 pm!


Kelly McCutcheon
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
University of Vermont
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