Walking the dog at first light yesterday morning, we
stood under a tree in our woods and watched the first
sapsucker of the year (here, anyway)doing it's rusty
hinge imitation and working the bark.

Nice flock of turkeys in a field to the north of
Rutland, west of Rt 7, tom displaying at 7:30 am and
still at it at 10:30 yesterday.

At my favorite turkey place across from "One Man's
Trash" road in Salisbury, I did a double-take because
the big black ones weren't turkeys the other morning,
but a huddle of TVs, one was airing it's wings and the
rest were staring at something delicious in the corn

We have had some purple finches at the feeder,
goldfinches turning rapidly, redpolls all gone, lots
of juncos instead.  Still waiting and searching for
the tree swallows & bluebirds - at least we got the
boxes out before they arrived this year.  Broad-winged
hawk visits daily;  lots of robins in the meadow, who
don't move even when dog & I pass close by.  Pair of
peregrines the other morning, on a flyover.  Getting
ready to nest up in Goshen I expect.  Did see some
crows carrying nesting stuff.  Phoebes arrived and
passed on, but not before one managed to sneak into
the barn and get stuck in there.  Keeping the door
closed tight now!

Shelagh Smith in Leicester.

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