Fantastic idea Kent, I'll do that for sure - thank you!

I still encourage others to share their sightings with me please!

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I perfect use for eBird. Although VT ebird ( is
less than a year old, you might check out the site and see what it has in
the database. We (me and a group of volunteers) are also busy entering 30+
years of historical data from Records of Vermont birds onto the site so
more is added just about daily.


At 09:48 AM 4/9/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Birders.
>Many of you - at one time or another - have birded Burlington's Intervale
>area, or at least read  other birder's reports from there. It's a great
>spot with lots of potential and some truly beautiful areas. Well...
>Gardener's Supply Company is planning on putting together a simple
>brochure highlighting the birding opportunities in the Intervale area -
>I'll be heading this project up. There will be a basic map showing some
>river trails and noting good hotspots, as well as a checklist with common
>birds seen in the area. I'd like to also include some of the not-so-common
>birds that have been recorded there. This is where you come in:
>PLEASE EMAIL ME A SHORT LIST OF ANY "GOOD" BIRDS (anything outside of very
>It would be great if you could also include where and when you saw each
>bird - even if you ony have a general recollection. I have been birding
>the area for a couple years now and have a pretty good handle on the
>common species and good areas. That said, I would love to read anyting you
>are willing to share re: hot spots you have found and birds you have seen.
>We are also considering putting up a small Kiosk, near where folks would
>park, as a spot to keep these brochures and a board for folks to note
>rarities or fun sightings for others to review before heading out. All in
>all, it should be a positive project, and will be good for birds and
>birders alike; we endeavor to stick within birdings best practices.
>Thanks for reading this far and for any info you send our way. We could
>use the info asap.
>Good birding!

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